IPhone 11 Review: The Trio Vs Popular Smartphones

IPhone 11 Review: The Trio Vs Popular Smartphones This article is for you if you own a high end phone like Samsung S 10 or Google Pixel 3 smartphone or any of the iPhones after iPhone 7 and you’re wondering whether to upgrade or stick with your device.

Apple’s latest newborn is the iPhone 11 which came as part of a trio which includes the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro Max.
And of course this three new additions to the Apple franchise came with all the pomp and fanfare. Tim Cook graced the Ice cube and was present for a meet and greet with gleeful enthusiasts.
As the CEO of Apple, he was there to let the world know why the trio's release is the best thing to happen to the Smartphone world in this present day. But is that really true? That's what you’re here to find out. And you will.
I have divided this detailed write up into several sections to answer each of your questions. First I’ll review the three phones. I'll treat the trio like the same and just show you their sl…

Air Conditioner: How To Maintain Unit and Fix Faults

Air Conditioner: How To Maintain and Fix Faults How An Air Conditioner Works
   Before we address the usual faults found in air conditioners you should have an understanding of how an AC operates. Contrary to what most people believe, an air conditioner is not a magical tool that creates cold air all by itself.  The mechanism of an AC is actually pretty simple. And whether it's a window type or a split; bear it in mind that they all work the same way.
All cooling systems have five important components. They are
EvaporatorCondenserExpansion ValveRefrigerantCompressor
They also have cooling fans, air ducts and coils for chilling warm air.
Now all your AC does is take in the warm air from your room through it's grilles. This air gets to the Evaporator which absorbs the heat by the help of a refrigerant liquid. Because of the heat, the liquid refrigerant evaporates to become a gas (hence the name 'evaporator')... The Evaporator also squeezes out the moisture from the air …

All You Should Know About The Haier 32-inch HD LED TV LE32B9000T

Haier 32-inch HD LED TV LE32B9000T Specifications This portable Haier product available on the Jumia online store comes at an affordable price considering its capabilities. Let’s take a quick look at the specs:
Display TV Type: DVB-T2 / DVB-CRetro-deletion Type:Smart: LEDResponse time (ms): 8Brightness (cd / m²): 220Resolution: 1366 * 768Screen format (inches): 32Screen format (cm): 81.28Aspect Ratio: 16: 9Dynamic Contrast Report: 800: 1

Image quality Frames per second (HZ): 60HzNoise reduction: YesNr, of image mode settings: 5Wide mode settings: YesWide mode setting number for: 53D combo filter: YesWide automatic mode: Yes

Audio quality
No. of sound mode settings: 4Speaker type: IntegratedEqualizer: YesAutomatic volume control: Yes
Entry and exit Audio output: 1Optical digital output: 0

All You Should Know About The Looka 32 Inch LED TV Set